Project managers face challenges in spending time with Business and Teams. Microsoft Project Plan helps you execute projects with ease. Microsoft Project reports helps Project Manager to anticipate problems earlier and manage effectively.

Training Title: Microsoft Project Plan (MPP) - 2 days


Studies say 45% of Projects had cost over run, 63% of Projects had time over run. Project managers undergoing this training will be able to manage the projects effectively, by step-by-step creation of WBS, Estimating techniques, Developing Project Schedule, Allocate & leveling of resources, work with multiple views, creating baselines, tracking the project progress, Generating Reports / Charts for status update, highlight risks, etc.


Benefits of using Microsoft Project Plan: 

Delight Customer through Consistent Delivery 

Deliver Quality through effective Customer Collaboration

Timely Allocation of Work to Suppliers /Vendors and Teams

Optimize Project Costs through Proactive Risk Management

Execute Complex Projects as per scope, time and cost

Improved Project Success 

Manage Changes across Projects, Programs and Portfolios

Optimize Project Profitability through optimal Resource Usage

Topics Covered

The topics covered in this training / workshop are

Introduction to Project Management

Project Life Cycle

Basics of Scope, Schedule & Cost Management

Initialize a project

          Create a new project

          Create and maintain calendars

          Create custom fields

          Customize option settings

Create a task-based schedule

          Set up project information

          Create and modify a project task structure

          Build a logical schedule model

          Create a user-controlled schedule

          Manage multiple projects

Manage resources and assignments

          Enter and edit resource information

          Create and edit resource assignments

          Manage resource allocation

          Manage resource allocations by using Team Planner

          Model project costs

Track and analyse a project

          Set and maintain baselines

          Update actual progress

          Compare progress against a baseline

          Resolve potential schedule problems

          Display critical path information

Communicate project information

          Apply and customize views

          Share data with other applications

          Configure and display reports and dashboards

Target Audience

Project Leads, Project Managers, Delivery Managers and Senior Manager who need to manage multiple, large sized and complex projects using the best practice guide lines. This Project Planning is applicable across multiple Industries / Sectors.

Key takeaways

Key takeaways from this training / workshop are

Hands-on about scheduling techniques

Sample project examples

Assigning resources to activities in optimistic manner

Manage parallel, multiple and critical path activities

Adding of buffers, leads, lags and delays to schedule

Track the progress of each task (Percentage complete, work in progress, etc.)

Monitor the team activities in a better way

Ability to visualize any risks ahead

Ability to take Corrective actions to avoid schedule delays

Our Expert trainer Sivaram Athmakuri, conducted 400+ sessions on Project Management and 200+ sessions on Agile frameworks (Scrum, XP, Lean, Kanban, DSDM Atern) via both Classroom and ONLINE sessions.  He is an experienced in Corporate & Public sessions both and trained over 5000 professionals and enabled them to achieve Certification in Project Management, Risk Management, MS Project Planning, Primavera & Agile Frameworks.