Successful Organisations achieve financial freedom and agility  by successful execution of  Products and Operations.  Our Consultants help you achieving this by

  • Business Analysis
  • Prepare Business Case
  • Preparing Key Performance Indicators & Business Dashboards
  • Preparing Strategic Plans
  • Prepare Project Plans
  • Strategic Plans & Road maps for Innovation
  • Agile (Scrum/Lean) for Product Development
  • Define Minimum Viable Product or Minimum Marketable Feature
  • Define Product Road Map & Release Plan
  • Define Business Process
  • Value Stream Mapping
  • Lean Practices
  • Agile Transformation

Organisations achieve growth by  successful execution of Strategy. Strategy can be achieved by successful completion of  Portfolios, Programs and Projects with in scope, time and cost. Our Consultants help you achieving this by

  • Design Dashboards to track Business Health (ROI/Profitability etc.)
  • Design Dashboard to track Investments on Innovation or R&D
  • Design Dashboards to track multiple Projects
  • Help Enterprise to Setup PMO & Handover to PMO Office
  • Mentor Project Leads in Preparing Project Plans (Traditional)
  • Help Business Unit Head to Prepare Project Plan (for Expansion)
  • Help Business Unit Head to Prepare Project Plan (for Production)
  • Coach Subject Matter Experts in Preparing WBS
  • Coach Subject Matter Experts on Estimation (Time/Cost)
  • Help Business Unit Head to Monitor Production using Kanban Methods
  • Implementing Scrum in Product Development
  • Implementing XP  or Lean or Kanban

Are the projects contributing meaningfully to meeting Organization’s goals & strategies?

Only 40% of Projects across the world are getting executed within scope, time and cost.

We can help in improving project success rate by:

  • Assessing Project Management Maturity at Organization level
  • Setting up the Project Management Office, Risk Control Board, Change Control Board
  • Standardize the Project execution (across organization)
  • Assess Projects and produce Project health reports
  • Conduct Project Management Training/Workshops (with case studies/activities)