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Business Agility

Adapting to changing Environments

10th November, 2020   |   5PM SGT / 2:30PM IST

Agile Mindset encourages Organizations & Individuals to

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Why Business Agility?

By now, we all know these trying times have impacted all businesses, some positively but most negatively. We’ve seen companies pivoting into new ventures and adjusting their service and product offerings which turned the pandemic into an opportunity. The world has changed, demand has changed even more now. It is time for your business and yourself to adapt to the new situation. But how do you pivot when your business and yourself are being cornered? Of course this start with adapting your mindset, but how about your business? In this learning session, we’re touching base on creating an Agile Mindset and Business Agility.


Audience can take away few Best open-source tools, to use in their journey of driving the idea into reality. 


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Overcome 3 hurdles to convert the idea to reality and minimize the financial baggage and waste

Hurdle 1: Getting ideas and Innovations flow

Hurdle 2: Streamlining the bubbling energy

Hurdle 3: Balancing Passion & Profits

About Speaker

Sivaram Athmakuri, our Founder & Director, LeaderGains, is a successful Independent Consultant and Coach with strong Technology and Business Expertise. As a Coach and Consultant, he worked extensively with multiple clients (C-Suite, Business Owners, Start-ups, SMEs, Middle Management, etc.) across the Globe and helped to overcome their Business/ Delivery/ Technical Problems at Strategic, Planning and Execution level. He focuses on providing solutions to customers utilizing their existing investments and resources. As a Trainer, he conducted 400 plus sessions on Project Management and 200 plus sessions on Agile frameworks (Scrum, XP, Lean, Kanban, DSDM Atern,  Kaizen). He trained over 5000 professionals and enabled many of them to achieve their Certification in Project Management, Risk Management, MS Project Planning & Agile. He also initiated/conducted “Train the Trainers” sessions.