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Agile frameworks for Delivery (Scrum, XP, Lean, DSDM) helps handling in completing complex projects and innovative scope of work. Scrum help to prioritize large to-do lists into manageable tasks with improved teamwork, better communication, and faster results. 

Training Title: Agile for Delivery - 2 days


Agile is a mindset or a different way of doing things. Agile provides the flexibility of starting with what we know and what we have. Agile helps in producing results by bringing people together.

Agile can be applied at an initiative level/special purpose as well as the organizational level. 

   – Initiative level/Special Purpose

          . Launch a Product

          . Develop software

          . Start a Business

          . Start a Branch

 – Organization level

          . Human Resources

         .  Marketing

         .  Sales

         .  Production

         .  Delivery

         .  Finance

         .  Customer Care

         .  Innovation

         .  Research & Development

         .  Learning & Development

To understand ever-changing customer needs and provide them as early as possible.

No, Agile practices such as Lean exist from the 1990s.

Scrum, Lean, Extreme Programming (XP), Kanban, DSDM (Atern), Crystal are few Agile practices or Agile frameworks.

Though there are different Agile Practices/Agile frameworks, all of them are based on 4 Agile Manifesto & 12 Agile Principles. We can do a quick assessment and recommend suitable agile framework/agile practice.

Few benefits of agile are Happy customers, More Business, Empowered teams, Faster decision making, Improved quality, Flexibility to change (as per market needs in VUCA world), Freedom to Innovate

All types of organizations are practising agile. To name few, Agile is used by Startups such as Uber, Airbnb, and Corporate such as Ford, IBM, Microsoft, Tesla

Agile practices are used in most of the industries. Few are automotive, software, banking, healthcare, real estate.

Agile is simple and easy to understand. However, many organizations face challenges in adopting agile. We recommend conducting a preliminary assessment of Organisational Agile maturity for better results.

The majority of Agile initiatives failed due to resistance, lack of cooperation among different departments, minimum/no involvement of Senior Management. Everyone across the organization should have a basic understanding of Agile principles. We recommend starting the training in the below sequence.

     –  C Suite with Senior Management/Department heads

     –  Training to Departments & Support Functions

     –  Training to Teams

This approach ensures everyone is aware of Agile principles and drive Agile transformation together

LeaderGains can make your Agile journey smoother through training, consulting, and coaching.

LeaderGains successfully transformed different types of organisations on Agile. Our LeaderGains Agile Journey