Entire World will win over COVID-19 in next few months. However, managing after effects is crucial for Organisation’s financial health and brand value. Overcome ‘uncertainty hurdles’ as Champion to deliver Customer Delight.


Fulfilling every single Customer order/requirement in spite of uncertainties is vital for organisation’s financial stability and retaining trust on the brand


Organisations have to prepare themselves, their employees and their suppliers in dealing with challenges and uncertainties such as


  • Loss of Key resources i.e. manpower (due to attrition)
  •  Loss of time due to partial or full lock-down
  • Delay of material supply from Suppliers (due to import/export restrictions)
  • Delay of material supply from Suppliers (due to supplier’s cash crisis)
  • Increased Costs due to volatile economy (dollar fluctuations)
  • Impact on Organisations Finance (Cash Flow due delayed payments from Customers)
  •  Loss of Productivity (due to Virtual/Remote work)


Majority of the reasons mentioned here are beyond the control of people. Organisations have to deal with uncertainties by minimising the barriers of communication among customers, employees and suppliers.


Customer Centric initiatives

  • Provide Transparent dashboards/tracking tools that provides visibility to Customers on their orders
  • Frequent Involvement of Customer on defining MVP at every level (iteration/release/product)
  • Agile approach to minimise rework through frequent customer collaboration


Organisational Initiatives

  • Invest in Software/tools that improves collaboration among Virtual teams
  • Invest in Cyber Security
  • Kan-ban Boards from customer order to delivery (across departments/function)
  • Providing Tools (such as anonymous surveys) that encourages everyone (team/contractors/suppliers) to highlight probable problems (earlier) during sensitive situations
  • Develop Project management mindset
  • Create Financial Dashboards that helps aligns teams, suppliers and managers
  • Create Risk Dashboard that highlights impact of vital risks (threats) on deliverable


Human Resource Initiatives

  • Work from Home facilities to employees
  • Exhibit Empathy through regular communication, tools and check on their safety
  • Recommend employee-friendly Organisational policies
  • Facilitate Virtual Counselling at Individual level (to needy)
  • Facilitate Town Hall Updates(Virtual) from Leaders at different levels (Organisation, Department, Function, Project, Operation etc)
  •  Policies to reimburse broad band (internet) expenses
  • Refine Recruitment policies in utilising the Services of Freelancers
  • Encourage employees on upgrading their skills
  • Train Employees on Agile & Risk Management


Procurement Initiatives

  •  Exhibit Agility in redefining policies in dealing with suppliers/vendors
  • Rewriting Contracts in Agile way (highly uncertain situations)
  • Help Suppliers to deal with financial challenges (by introducing to your banks)
  • Work from Home facilities to contractors
  •  Incentives for timely supplies
  • Provide tools to suppliers to plan their resources effectively



Sivaram Athmakuri is Founder & Director of LeaderGains Pte. Ltd., an expert Coach, Consultant and Trainer. He has 20 plus years of Managerial Experience with strong technology expertise. He prepares Organisations in embracing latest technology / tools and turn the challenges as opportunities for Growth. He empowers Organisations & People across all levels (C-Suite, Management, Leadership, Program / Project Managers, Functional/ Line Managers, Team members at Projects/Delivery/Operations), etc. in areas of Leadership/Executive CoachingStrategic PlanningDashboards for C-Suite, Setup Project Management Office(PMO), Agile Transformation, Risk Management and Product Development. He believes in spending more time listening to Customer and understanding unique strengths of their existing environment helps him to generate the long lasting results faster with lesser friction.