Our business consulting expert at LeaderGains, with their vast experience, served multiple customers across different industries and have deeper knowledge on Industry trends. We work towards producing meaningful and measurable results (both long term and short term) using industry best practices.


We spend time in understanding your aspirations, goals and constraints that prevent you in achieving it.

We recommend open source tools that brings accountability mindset driven by KPIs at different levels (Strategy, Business, Operations, Projects)

We believe in autonomy and operate in BOT model (Build Operate and Transfer model).

We recommend improvements that are easy to implement using your existing resources / investments and with minimum resistance from people/teams.

We focus on empowering your teams in realizing the benefits of change and help them to change with minimum pain.


We help Business/CEOs/Entrepreneurs in the following:


Evaluate Business Opportunities 

Prepare Business Case

Preparing Strategic Plans
Conduct SWOT on Product Launch
Design Dashboards to track Business Health (ROI/Profitability etc.)
Design Dashboard to track Investments on Innovation or R&D
Value Stream Mapping for Industry 4.0


By spending less than 5 minutes a day, Business Dashboards can:


Provide at a Glance view of Organization’s vital activities

Analyze Predictive indicators and recommend Proactive/ Corrective actions to all Stakeholders

Help Stakeholders understand the severity of Business Challenges and act

Solve the dynamic Business Problems (internal/external) in a holistic manner

Manage Risks effectively and efficiently

Successful Organisations achieve financial freedom and agility by successful execution of  Products and Operations. 


Our Business consulting help you achieve this by

Business Analysis

Prepare Business Case

Preparing Key Performance Indicators & Business Dashboards

Preparing Strategic Plans

Prepare Project Plans Strategic Plans & Road maps for Innovation

Agile (Scrum/Lean) for Product Development

Define Minimum Viable Product or Minimum Marketable Feature

Define Product Road Map & Release Plan

Define Business Process

Value Stream Mapping

Lean Practices

Agile Transformation

Digital Transformation

Industry 4.0 is a trend/Standardization towards automation, information exchange and processes that include Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, Smart Functioning, Digitization, etc. While Systems deal with physical processes, humans interact/communicate in real-time.

C-Suite executives prepare themselves and their teams to deal with the change and can successfully sail through the disruptions.

It can be achieved by 

Improving team Culture / business performance

Building Leadership Brand

Career Advancement & Succession Planning

Industry 4.0