Industry Disruptions impact every Organisation. Shareholders expect C Suite Executives to balance growth and profitability. Healthy Finance helps in exponential growth and Poor Finance can break the Organisation. Context Sensitive Financial Dashboard aligns Stakeholders in achieving financial health with less friction.

Finance is double edged sword

Are you providing context sensitive financial dashboards that creates awareness of cash flow and profitability at different levels?

Creating context sensitive Dashboard doesn’t need

    • Money
    • New Software
    • New Investment
    • New Skill set
    • More Time

Successful Organisations provide proactive context sensitive financial dashboards at various levels such as

  • Group of Companies
  • Organization
  • Location
  • Department
  • Function
  • Project
  • Operations

Context sensitive financial dashboards helps in creating financial awareness and accountability at every level (measurable metrics suitable to your business)

By spending less than 5 minutes a day, context sensitive financial dashboard can:

    • Provide at-a-glance view of Organisation’s vital activities
    • Analyse predictive indicators and recommend proactive/ corrective actions to all Stakeholders
    • Help Stakeholders understand the severity of Business Challenges and act
    • Solve the dynamic Business Problems (internal/external) in a holistic manner
    • Manage Risks effectively and efficiently


Sivaram Athmakuri is Founder & Director of LeaderGains Pte. Ltd., an expert Coach, Consultant and Trainer. He has 20 plus years of Managerial Experience with strong technology expertise. He prepares Organisations in embracing latest technology / tools and turn the challenges as opportunities for Growth. He empowers Organisations & People across all levels (C-Suite, Management, Leadership, Program / Project Managers, Functional/ Line Managers, Team members at Projects/Delivery/Operations), etc. in areas of Leadership/Executive Coaching, Strategic Planning, Dashboards for C-Suite, Setup Project Management Office(PMO), Agile Transformation, Risk Management and Product Development. He believes in spending more time listening to Customer and understanding unique strengths of their existing environment helps him to generate the long lasting results faster with lesser friction.