Enterprise risk management (ERM) in business includes the methods and processes used by organizations to manage risks and seize opportunities related to the achievement of their objectives. Risk Management for C-Suite helps in taking calculated risks and become Market Leaders.

Risk Management for C Suite

Training Title: Risk Management for C-Suite - 1 day


ERM provides a framework for risk management, which typically involves identifying particular events or circumstances relevant to the organization’s objectives (risks and opportunities), assessing them in terms of likelihood and magnitude of impact, determining a response strategy, and monitoring process. 

By identifying and proactively addressing risks and opportunities, business enterprises protect and create value for their stakeholders, including owners, employees, customers, regulators, and society overall.

Topics Covered

The topics covered under this training / workshop are


  • Risk Management Concepts (Enterprise, Project & Operations)
    • Risk Classification
    • Nature of Risk
    • Risk Management Plan
    • Benefits of Risk Management
    • Responsibilities in Risk Management
    • Risk Event Life Cycle
    • Characteristics of Risk Events
    • Uncertainties Breakdown structure (UBS) – a new Concept
    • Hierarchy of Risks
    • Relationship between Decision-making and Information
    • Risk Culture
    • Types of Risk Organizations
  • Identifying Risks
    • Risk Identification Tools & Techniques
    • Risk Mindset
    • Specification of Risk Event Statement
    • External and Internal Risks
  • Analyzing Risks
    • Risk Analysis & Guidelines
    • Qualitative Risk
    • P/I Matrix & Score
    • Probability Analysis
    • Expert Judgment
    • Impact Analysis – Life Cycle Costing
    • Decision Tree
    • Monte Carlo Simulation
  • Plan Risk Responses
    • Response Strategy Guidelines
    • Mitigation / Deflection Quantifying
    • Contingency/ Management Reserves
    • Establish Early Warning System
    • Assign Responsibility
    • Implementing Contingency Plan
    • Communication during Risk Control
    • Evaluate Results
    • Update Risk Assessment

Key Takeaways

Key takeaways from this training / workshop are


  • Enterprise Risk management concepts at Organization level
  • Risks for your Projects / Operations
  • Benefits of Risk identification at the earlier stage
  • Hierarchy and risk culture
  • Risk probability / Impact analysis
  • Risk Response strategies & guidelines
  • Real life examples from failed projects

Target Audience

The target audience for this training / workshop includes:


  • Directors / C-Suite
  • PMOs
  • Enterprise Strategists
  • Operations Heads
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Delivery Managers
  • Functional Managers
  • Product Managers
  • Line Managers
  • Center of Excellence (CoE Teams)