Agile Transformation and Innovation Journey helps improving products and services. C Suite from Fortune 500 companies agree that Agile mindset  is key in successful Agile Transformation. Agile Transformation helps organisation sail through the disruptions and innovate successfully.  Harvard Business Review, Gartner mentions embracing agile and business agile mindset helps organisations in successfully converting strategy to action.  Organisations with rigid hierarchical structures take longer time to respond to disruptive changes.

Things to do before Agile Transformation

  • Short Teaser (15 mins ) Sessions on ‘Why Agile’ by C Suite
    • CEO
    • CFO
    • CTO
    • COO
    • Learning/Training Head
  • Conduct Awareness sessions
    • Supporting functions (HR,Finance,Quality, Legal)
    • Business (Customer Care, Domain experts, Marketing/Sales teams)
    • Customers communicate with our Teams
  • Group discussion on Impact of ‘Avoiding Agile’ on Business  facilitated & driven by C Suite
    • Business Heads
    • Functional Heads
    • Department Heads
    • Project/Program  Managers
    • Project Management Office
  • Encourage Learn by Practice
    • Execute Internal Initiatives/Projects using Agile
    • Agile Demo shows from Teams practising Agile
    • Agile Monster Hall (sharing challenges/pitfalls)
    • Agile Fame Hall (sharing success stories)
  • Open Mind for Listening
    • Encourage Teams to highlight problems and possible hurdles
    • Participate Conferences/Sessions (on multiple agile practices not just one you are interested)
    • Time it takes to produce expected Outcomes

Start Agile Transformation and Innovation Journey to WOW Customers.

LeaderGains has experts with  20 plus years of Managerial Experience with strong technology back ground. Our Experts  had experience working with  both successful & failed Projects (Agile,Traditional/waterfall). Our Expert Coach trained 2000+ Traditional Project Managers & Sr. Leaders on Agile concepts. We provide both online(Virtual) & Classroom(Physical) Coaching on Agile practices such as Scrum, Extreme Programming(XP), Lean, Kanban and DSDM (Atern) to both IT and Non-IT Companies.