Successful Organisations have clear VISION (Dream), MISSION (What and Why), OBJECTIVES (How, What, When & Why), Strategies (How), Action (What, When, Who, How).  Coaching PMOs improves organisation’s ability to improve project success.

Project Management Office (PMOs) play vital role in establishing this link in achieving the results.

Coaching PMOs

Senior Executives such as CEOs/CXOs/CIOs/CTOs  are involved in defining Vision, Mission,  Objectives and Strategies  (long term needs) and Innovation.

Middle Management such as Program Managers, Functional Managers, Department Heads, Plant Managers, Production Head and Project Managers play key role in converting Strategy to Action.

However Middle Management are mostly occupied with short term needs of Organisation such as Finance, Operations, Marketing, Manufacturing, Production, Procurement, Recruitment and Maintenance.  Middle Management allocates limited time, money and resources on Projects. This severely hinders the success of the Projects.  

PMO plays a significant role in supporting middle management and improve the overall Organizational maturity in successfully executing the projects.