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Coaching PMOs (Project Management Office)

Successful Organisations have clear VISION (Dream), MISSION (What and Why), OBJECTIVES (How, What, When & Why), Strategies (How), Action (What, When, Who, How).  Coaching PMOs improves organisation’s ability to improve project success. Project Management Office (PMOs) play vital role in establishing this link in achieving the results. Click to Register Senior Executives such as CEOs/CXOs/CIOs/CTOs  […]

Taming Project Success in spite of Limitations

Successful Projects benefit Organisations and Customers.  However, Studies say only 35-40% of the Projects are successful.  Presence of Project Management Office(PMO) and buy in from key stake holders (Functional manager, Project manger etc) are vital for executing projects. Few aspects that influence project success are   Organisation Type Project Management Office as Catalyst   Organisation […]

Reap the Benefits of Rigidity in Hierarchical Organizational Structures

Reap the benefits

During Industrial era, Hierarchical Organizational Structures were introduced to manage growth and bring accountability. Processes are introduced to standardize operations and ensure predictable outcomes/results. These worked well across all the industries irrespective of their size and location. In today’s Digital Era, Younger Generation Work force strongly feels these hierarchies are bottle necks and hurdles for […]

Consulting – Agile, Operations, Products, Projects

Projects, Product, Operation, Agile are vital for Business. We offer Consulting Services for Projects, Operations, Product Development, Agile, etc.   Planning enables proactive management of risks/ challenges.  Tools enable ownership to the team members and improves collaboration. Our Consultation focuses on optimization of Processes, Tools and People.  AGILE (Scrum, Lean, XP, Kanban) Customer centric innovation and […]