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Kanban for Everyone

Kanban is lean tool to optimize idle time in Production.  Kanban shifts the focus from individual performance to team’s performance. Kanban Boards with WIP limits minimises the constraints/blocks and ensure smoother flow of work.  Click to Register Training Title: Kanban for everyone – 2 days Kan means ‘visual” and ban means ‘card’. Kanban is simple […]

Agile for IT Service Management

Agile for IT Service Management Training focuses on applying Agile frameworks (Scrum, Lean, Kanban, DevOps) for improving and Optimizing the IT Services processes within the Organization. Click to Register Training Title: Agile for IT Service Management – 2 days Topics Covered The topics covered under this training / workshop are Applying Agile practices in IT […]

Four concepts for Fabulous Results

Four concepts for fabulous results

1.Do you think twice before adding more features? Have you noticed that most of us pay 100% and utilize only 20-30% of services/products we purchased? Do you want your customers/clients to have similar experience? Of course not.  Solution: Successful Products think twice before introducing a new feature/product. Techniques such as MoSCoW, Kano Analysis and Relative Weighing are […]