1.Do you think twice before adding more features?

Have you noticed that most of us pay 100% and utilize only 20-30% of services/products we purchased? Do you want your customers/clients to have similar experience? Of course not. 

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Solution: Successful Products think twice before introducing a new feature/product. Techniques such as MoSCoW, Kano Analysis and Relative Weighing are secret behind their success.


2. Who is the Real Culprit (partial work)?

Do you face situations where focusing on one customer leading to dissatisfaction in other customers? Challenge is delivering products/services to multiple customers.  

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Solution: Kanban board is low cost and easier to implement solution that brings awareness to the teams on managing work from multiple customers. These boards with WIP (Work In Progress) limits at shop floor/work area managed by teams helps in visualizing flow of work and sense of ownership. These boards helps in minimizing the partial work and delivery finished products with shorter time scale.


3. Is dealing Domino Effect easy?

 Every organisation deal with different type of problems. As Leaders, we eliminate or deal with problems and produce results. Solving one problem sometimes leads to problem somewhere else.  

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Solution:  Building single Dashboard that show cases current situation (like sales, productions, accounts/finance together etc) help in taking holistic decisions and improve collaboration among Leaders across departments in dealing complex situations.


4. Is Demystifying the ever changing Customer needs possible?  

Do you spend enough time to understand needs of different types of customers? Have you noticed customer needs are dynamic? Is it possible to deliver to different types of customers every time? Due to limited resources, we end up delivering needs of one or two types of customers and ignore others.  

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Solution: Define different types of customer personas and come up with multiple minimum viable products for each type of customers. This helps you to deliver the most important needs of each type of customer. This would also improve customer engagement and minimizes/eliminates spending your team’s energy on building unwanted features/services.  


Sivaram Athmakuri is Founder & Director of LeaderGains Pte. Ltd., an expert Coach, Consultant and Trainer. He has 20 plus years of Managerial Experience with strong technology expertise. He prepares Organisations in embracing latest technology / tools and turn the challenges as opportunities for Growth. He empowers Organisations & People across all levels (C-Suite, Management, Leadership, Program / Project Managers, Functional/ Line Managers, Team members at Projects/Delivery/Operations), etc. in areas of Leadership/Executive CoachingStrategic PlanningDashboards for C-Suite, Setup Project Management Office(PMO), Agile Transformation, Risk Management and Product Development. He believes in spending more time listening to Customer and understanding unique strengths of their existing environment helps him to generate the long lasting results faster with lesser friction.