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Overcome ‘uncertainty hurdles’ as Champion to deliver Customer Delight

Entire World will win over COVID-19 in next few months. However, managing after effects is crucial for Organisation’s financial health and brand value. Overcome ‘uncertainty hurdles’ as Champion to deliver Customer Delight.   Fulfilling every single Customer order/requirement in spite of uncertainties is vital for organisation’s financial stability and retaining trust on the brand   Organisations have to prepare themselves, their employees and […]

Four Hidden Hurdles for Agility

The word “Agile” is searched 383952 times per month across the world.  Agile manifesto in 2001 started as software development method.    Organisations across the world are trying to adapt Agile to reap the benefits such as Accelerate Delivery Enhance Ability to Manage Changed Situations Reduce Project cost Improve Customer Satisfaction   This lead to concepts such as Agile […]

Four concepts for Fabulous Results

Four concepts for fabulous results

1.Do you think twice before adding more features? Have you noticed that most of us pay 100% and utilize only 20-30% of services/products we purchased? Do you want your customers/clients to have similar experience? Of course not.  Solution: Successful Products think twice before introducing a new feature/product. Techniques such as MoSCoW, Kano Analysis and Relative Weighing are […]

What would you do if you can save 30 minutes per day?

what to do for 30 mins per day

All of us have 24 hours of time in a day. Majority of our time is spent for our profession/business. Few lucky save some time to spend with family/friends and hobbies.   With 30 minutes (Professional Growth): Students can learn extra skills that improves employability Young professionals can think of new ideas/innovations, etc. Senior Professionals can […]

Consistent Customer Delight – Can Control Charts helps to achieve it?

Customer Delight thru Control Chart

Customers do not specify quality as their need, however if they see low quality, they simply discard your products/services. Few customers might also express their dissatisfaction in social media. This will impact business (in short term) and brand value (long term).      Consistent Customer Delight through Control Charts – Webinar by Sivaram Athmakuri:       Organisations across the world […]