Author: Sivaram Athmakuri

Why my Customers always ask for more?

Why my Customers ask for more?

Why my Customers always ask for more?   If you are a Start-Up or Small Medium Enterprise (SME), you may frequently encounter a situation that Customers compare you with Larger organisations.   Larger organisations have multiple products/services with their presence across the Globe. They create their market share by providing WOW experience to their customers. […]

Agile Transformation & Innovation Journey

Agile Transformation & Innovation Journey

Agile Transformation and Innovation Journey helps improving products and services. C Suite from Fortune 500 companies agree that Agile mindset  is key in successful Agile Transformation. Agile Transformation helps organisation sail through the disruptions and innovate successfully.  Harvard Business Review, Gartner mentions embracing agile and business agile mindset helps organisations in successfully converting strategy to action.  Organisations with […]

Emerge as Market Leaders

Market Leader

Industry disruptions and Market pressure are impacting every one. Organisations open to refine/optimize frequently will emerge as Market Leaders. Key challenges are Improve Customer Service Delivery faster without compromising quality Manage Competition, Uncertainties/Risks Achieve Profitability Optimizing Costs & Inventory Following are vital in delivering more Value. Clarity & Collaboration Define & Agree with Scope Prepare Draft […]

The Golden Path to C-Suite Executives for surfing series of Disruptions

Golden path for Successful Transformation - LeaderGains

All Major Verticals (Automotive, Manufacturing, Finance, Healthcare, Construction, Technology) have sailed through significant disruptions since the 1900s. Organisations with C-Suite Executives having forward thinking and willingness to innovate in spite of obstacles (internal and external) played the crucial role in surviving these disruptions.   Organisations survived more than 60 years agree unanimously that each disruption […]