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Value stream mapping

Here is how to get exponential results with Limited Resources.  ‘Value stream mapping’ helps organizations to optimize their processes or systems. Value stream mapping starts with on understanding expectations of Sr Management.  It involves Mid level Manager & field level staff in understanding existing process and propose new process.  It helps to identify the value […]

Overcome ‘uncertainty hurdles’ as Champion to deliver Customer Delight

Entire World will win over COVID-19 in next few months. However, managing after effects is crucial for Organisation’s financial health and brand value. Overcome ‘uncertainty hurdles’ as Champion to deliver Customer Delight.   Fulfilling every single Customer order/requirement in spite of uncertainties is vital for organisation’s financial stability and retaining trust on the brand   Organisations have to prepare themselves, their employees and […]

Four Hidden Hurdles for Agility

The word “Agile” is searched 383952 times per month across the world.  Agile manifesto in 2001 started as software development method.    Organisations across the world are trying to adapt Agile to reap the benefits such as Accelerate Delivery Enhance Ability to Manage Changed Situations Reduce Project cost Improve Customer Satisfaction   This lead to concepts such as Agile […]

Instil Business Mindset in Innovative and Technical Teams

Instill Business Mindset

Satisfied Customers are vital for growth. Frequent changes in market conditions due to new technology impact existing business. Technology is a double-edged sword. Embracing Technology can position your organization as Market Leader. Ignoring Technology (for longer time) could erode existing business/product lines.   C Suite executives define Strategy and set road map for future. Successful […]

Agile Transformation & Innovation Journey

Agile Transformation & Innovation Journey

Agile Transformation and Innovation Journey helps improving products and services. C Suite from Fortune 500 companies agree that Agile mindset  is key in successful Agile Transformation. Agile Transformation helps organisation sail through the disruptions and innovate successfully.  Harvard Business Review, Gartner mentions embracing agile and business agile mindset helps organisations in successfully converting strategy to action.  Organisations with […]

Emerge as Market Leaders

Market Leader

Industry disruptions and Market pressure are impacting every one. Organisations open to refine/optimize frequently will emerge as Market Leaders. Key challenges are Improve Customer Service Delivery faster without compromising quality Manage Competition, Uncertainties/Risks Achieve Profitability Optimizing Costs & Inventory Following are vital in delivering more Value. Clarity & Collaboration Define & Agree with Scope Prepare Draft […]