Industry disruptions and Market pressure are impacting every one. Organisations open to refine/optimize frequently will emerge as Market Leaders.

Key challenges are

  • Improve Customer Service
  • Delivery faster without compromising quality
  • Manage Competition, Uncertainties/Risks
  • Achieve Profitability
  • Optimizing Costs & Inventory

Following are vital in delivering more Value.

Clarity & Collaboration

  • Define & Agree with Scope
  • Prepare Draft Project Management Plan
  • Update Project Management Plan (including plans from suppliers)
  • Define & Communicate Key Mile Stones


  • Prepare Risk Register
  • Discuss What if Scenarios
  • Prepare Risk Response (involving suppliers)
  • Identify Risk Owners
  • Monitor & Manage Risks together

Collective Ownership & Customer orientation (through agile practices)

  • Hear Voice of Customer
  • Collaborate for Prioritization
  • Collaborate with Customer & Suppliers
  • Set Expectations
  • Deliver frequently (Interim deliverable(s))
  • Hear from Customer and Customer stakeholders (feedback)
  • Align as per Customer feedback

Start your journey with Agility and Emerge as Market Leaders

Sivaram AthmakuriSivaram Athmakuri is Founder & Director of LeaderGains Pte. Ltd., an expert Coach, Consultant and Trainer.
He has 20 plus years of Managerial Experience with strong technology expertise. He prepares Organisations in embracing latest technology / tools and turn the challenges as opportunities for Growth. He empowers Organisations & People across all levels (C-Suite, Management, Leadership, Program / Project Managers, Functional/ Line Managers, Team members at Projects/Delivery/Operations), etc. in areas of Leadership/Executive CoachingStrategic PlanningDashboards for C-Suite, Setup Project Management Office(PMO), Agile Transformation, Risk Management and Product DevelopmentHe believes in “spending more time listening to Customer and understanding unique strengths of their existing environment helps him to generate the long lasting results faster with lesser friction”.