Organisations have done Business through relationships, partnerships and connections. After Digital revolution, Customers are able to connect easily and get response from multiple suppliers/service providers across the globe. This situation is leading to tough competitions and slimmer margins. Decision making on Is Digital Transformation/Technology Disruption helpful or harmful for my Business? helps future road map of the organisation. 


To Survive as Business, Business Owners are in dilemma whether they should expand Marketing/Sales teams or Go Online. Larger Organisations will be able to increase their Marketing/sales teams as well as invest in going digital. 


Small Medium Businesses or SMEs have to use Digital Transformation as Opportunity to Increase their Reach and Optimize the Costs.


Analyse your Business for Last 3 years and categorize them as

(1) Basic Customer: Basic Customers give you regular business but volume of business is less

(2) Premium Customer: Premium Customers are the ones who contribute to 70% of your Annual Turnover



Through Digital Transformation .. you can


  • Create Online Platforms (e.g. Help Desk/Online Chat etc) to serve Basic Customers and assign your Senior Sales team to ensure seamless experience/relation with Premium Customers
  • Implement CRM that ensure your Sales Team doesn’t miss the opportunities and provide Professional Experience communicating with every Customer.
  • Work towards Franchise way of working i.e. Virtual Organisation (70% employees can work remotely while 30% Core Team work at Office). This could also lead to expanding your business through partnerships across the globe.
  • Invest your Time in Digital Branding and Connect to your Customers through social media.
  • Improve your Profits and Employee satisfaction through Business Agility.

LeaderGains can be your partner in turning the Technology Disruptions as Opportunity . LeaderGains can improve your ROI on Digital Transformation for business

Sivaram Athmakuri for  Digital Transformation
Sivaram Athmakuri for Digital Transformation

Sivaram Athmakuri is Founder & Director of LeaderGains Pte. Ltd., an expert Coach, Consultant and Trainer.
He has 20 plus years of Managerial Experience with strong technology expertise. He prepares Organisations in embracing latest technology / tools and turn the challenges as opportunities for Growth. He empowers Organisations & People across all levels (C-Suite, Management, Leadership, Program / Project Managers, Functional/ Line Managers, Team members at Projects/Delivery/Operations), etc. in areas of Leadership/Executive CoachingStrategic PlanningDashboards for C-Suite, Setup Project Management Office(PMO), Agile Transformation, Risk Management and Product DevelopmentHe believes in “spending more time listening to Customer and understanding unique strengths of their existing environment helps him to generate the long lasting results faster with lesser friction”.